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Scattering of Electromagnetic Plane Wave by a Circular Disk with Surface Impedance

By Allah Ditta Ulfat Jafri, Qaisar Naqvi, and Kohei Hongo
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 127, 501-522, 2012


In this investigation, scattering from a circular disk with surface impedance has been studied rigorously. The method of analysis is Kobayashi Potential (KP). The mathematical formulation yields the dual integral equations (DIEs). These DIEs are solved by using the discontinuous properties of Weber-Schafheitlin's integral. After applying the boundary conditions and projection, the resulting expressions, finally, reduce to matrix equations for expansion coefficients. The matrix elements are in the form of infinite integrals with single variable. These are then used to compute the values of expansion coefficients. The far field patterns of the scattered wave are computed for different incident angles and surface impedances for both E- and H-polarizations. To verify the results, we have computed the solution based on the physical optics approximation. The agreement between them is fairly good.


Allah Ditta Ulfat Jafri, Qaisar Naqvi, and Kohei Hongo, "Scattering of Electromagnetic Plane Wave by a Circular Disk with Surface Impedance," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 127, 501-522, 2012.


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