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By S. Demirci, H. Cetinkaya, E. Yigit, C. Ozdemir, and A. A. Vertiy

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Millimeter-wave (MMW) imaging is a powerful tool for the detection of objects concealed under clothing. Several factors including different kinds of objects, variety of covering materials and their thickness, accurate imaging of near-field scattered data affect the success of detection. To practice with such considerations, this paper presents the two-dimensional (2D) images of different targets hidden under various fabric sheets. The W-band inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) data of various target-covering situations are acquired and imaged by applying both the focusing operator based inversion algorithm and the spherical back-projection algorithm. Results of these algorithms are demonstrated and compared to each other to assess the performance of the MMW imaging in detecting the concealed objects of both metallic and dielectric types.

S. Demirci, H. Cetinkaya, E. Yigit, C. Ozdemir, and A. A. Vertiy, "A study on millimeter-wave imaging of concealed objects: application using back-projection algorithm," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 128, 457-477, 2012.

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