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By H. Zhang, Y. Sun, T. Liao, and R. Hui

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Within the generalized Lorenz-Mie theory framework, an analytic solution to the scattering by a conducting spheroid with non-confocal chiral coating, for incidence of an axial Gaussian beam, is presented. To overcome the difficulty of non-confocal boundary conditions, a theoretical procedure is developed by virtue of a transformation between the spherical and spheroidal vector wave functions. Numerical results of the normalized differential scattering cross section are shown for chiral-coated conducting spheroids.

H. Zhang, Y. Sun, T. Liao, and R. Hui, "Scattering of an Axial Gaussian Beam by a Conducting Spheroid with Non-Confocal Chiral Coating," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 135, 695-712, 2013.

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