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By P. Fei, Y. Qi, and Y.-C. Jiao

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In this paper, a wide slot loop antenna with an adjustable back-reflector is introduced. Five working statuses are defined by simply adjusting the distances between the radiator and the reflector. Measured results show the total available operating band with better than 10 dB return loss ranges from 0.84 GHz to 3.04 GHz (113.4%). The radiation properties of the array are tested in an anechoic chamber. Stable unidirectional radiations with more than 8.3 dB gains are observed in the working band. Apart from that, the straightforward two-portion arrangement of the design provides cost-effective solution for mass production. All these features make the antenna an appropriate substitute for multiple narrowband antennas.

P. Fei, Y. Qi, and Y.-C. Jiao, "Wide Slot Loop Antenna with Distance-Adjustable Back-Reflector for Multiple Narrowband Antennas Replacement," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 135, 563-581, 2013.

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