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By Y. Liu, X. Tang, Z. X. Zhang, and X. L. Huang

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In this paper, a novel miniaturized nested split-ring resonator (SRR) structure is proposed. The nested SRR structure incorporates multiple split-ring resonators in a compact nested structure, and has more split gaps than the conventional SRR structure. Compared with conventional SRR, this nested SRR has better performance on miniaturization and high-Q value. To verify good characteristics of the proposed resonator structure, a novel resonator-embedded band-pass filter (BPF), which is constructed by four nested resonators, is designed. This novel BPF is very compact and has good in- and out-band performances. The proposed nested SRR unit cell has size of 0.04λg x 0.04λg(λg is the signal wavelength at the 2.4 GHz central frequency of the pass-band). Its stop-bands are extended 0.5~2 GHz at lower band and 2.7~5.4 GHz at upper band with a rejection level of higher than 20 dB, and its 1-dB pass-band is 2.2~2.55 GHz with 1.8 dB optimized insertion loss. The measured and simulated results are well complied with each other.

Y. Liu, X. Tang, Z. X. Zhang, and X. L. Huang, "Novel Nested Split-Ring-Resonator (SRR) for Compact Filter Application," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 136, 765-773, 2013.

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