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By K. Zhao, S. Zhang, Z. Ying, T. Bolin, and S. He

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The reduction in the radiation efficiency of an antenna in a mobile handset due to user's hand effects in the talking and data modes is studied. A parameter called "body loss" is defined to evaluate the degradation of the radiation efficiency. A C-fed on-ground (OG) PIFA antenna, which can cover two typical LTE bands of 0.75 GHz-0.96 GHz and 1.7 GHz-2.1 GHz, is used to study the property of the hand-effect body loss in two CITA test positions: the talking and data modes. Three different positions of the proposed antenna in the talking mode are compared, and the position with the antenna located on the bottom of the mobile handset and facing the head phantom is recommended for minimal body loss. A new modified design with a smaller antenna width is proposed to reduce the hand-effect body loss in the talking and data modes.

K. Zhao, S. Zhang, Z. Ying, T. Bolin, and S. He, "Reduce the Hand-Effect Body Loss for LTE Mobile Antenna in Ctia Talking and Data Modes," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 137, 73-85, 2013.

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