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By B. G. Xia, J. Meng, D. H. Zhang, and J. S. Zhang

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A satellite-borne frequency selective surface (FSS) for atmospheric sensing application is presented. This brand new type of band-pass filter has an operating frequency at 183 GHz, which is a typical frequency on H2O absorption line. Comprising an ultra-thin gilding layer and a SiO2 substrate layer, this complex periodic component exhibits an extremely low insertion loss (< 0.22 dB) and high isolation (> 20 dB) between closely spaced frequency channels of 45° incident wave. Periodic Method of Moment (PMM) approach is applied to determine the initial geo-metrical parameters of FSS unit cell, and the optimization approach based on the Genetic Algorithm (GA) enables us to obtain the requisite spectral response and transmission characteristics for both TE and TM polarization. The experimental results show that the proposed PMM-GA technique is effective for analyzing space-borne FSS at millimeter wave range.

B. G. Xia, J. Meng, D. H. Zhang, and J. S. Zhang, "Pmm-GA Method to Synthesize Quasi-Optical Frequency Selective Surface on Sio2 Substrate," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 139, 599-610, 2013.

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