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By T. J. Coenen and M. C. van Beurden

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Scattering characteristics of periodic dielectric gratings can be accurately and efficiently computed via a spectral volume integral equation combined with normal-vector fields defined on the grating geometry. We study the impact of the geometrical discretization on the convergence rate of the scattering characteristics for two-dimensional gratings in both TE and TM polarization and compare these with an independent semi-analytical reference for circular cylinders. We demonstrate that geometrically conforming normal vector fields lead to substantially faster convergence and shorter computation times, as opposed to the commonly applied staircasing or slicing.

T. J. Coenen and M. C. van Beurden, "A Spectral Volume Integral Method Using Geometrically Conforming Normal-Vector Fields," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 142, 15-30, 2013.

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