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By P. Kim, G. Chaudhary, and Y. Jeong

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In this paper, a novel dual-band RF-harvesting RF-DC converter with a frequency limited impedance matching network (M/N) is proposed. The proposed RF-DC converter consists of a dual-band impedance matching network, a rectifier circuit with a villard structure, a wideband harmonic suppression low-pass filter (LPF), and a termination load. The proposed dual-band M/N can match two receiving band signals and suppress the out-of-band signals effectively, so the back-scattered nonlinear frequency components from the nonlinear rectifying diodes to the antenna can be blocked. The fabricated circuit provides the maximum RF-DC conversion efficiency of 73.76% and output voltage of 7.09 V at 881 MHz and 69.05% with 6.86 V at 2.4 GHz with an individual input signal power of 22 dBm. Moreover, the conversion efficiency of 77.13% and output voltage of 7.25 V are obtained when two RF waves with input dual-band signal power of 22 dBm are fed simultaneously.

P. Kim, G. Chaudhary, and Y. Jeong, "A Dual-Band RF Energy Harvesting Using Frequency Limited Dual-Band Impedance Matching," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 141, 443-461, 2013.

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