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By W. Zhang

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The imaging of targets embedded in a planar layered background media has been an important topic in subsurface and urban sensing. In this paper a fast and efficient tomographic algorithm for the imaging of targets embedded in a multilayered media is presented. The imaging algorithm is based on the first-order Born approximation and exploits the spectral multilayered media Green's function. The exploding reflection model is employed and then the Green's function is expanded in the spectral form to facilitate the easy implementation of the imaging algorithm with fast Fourier transform (FFT). The wave propagation effect due to the presence of the layered subsurface media is automatically taken into account in the imaging formulation through the multilayer media Green's function. The linearization of the inversion scheme and employment of FFT make the imaging algorithm suitable in several applications concerning the diagnostics of large probed domain and allow real-time processing. Representative examples are presented to show the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed algorithm for radar imaging through multilayered media.

W. Zhang, "Two-Dimensional Microwave Tomographic Algorithm for Radar Imaging through Multilayered Media," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 144, 261-270, 2014.

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