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By X. Wen, G. Kuang, J. Hu, R. Zhan, and J. Zhang

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In this paper, a novel forward-looking imaging method based on the compressed sensing is proposed for scanning phased array radar (PAR) in order to improve the azimuth resolution,. Firstly, the echo of targets is modeled according to the principle of PAR. Then, it is analyzed why some of the former methods as multi-channel deconvolution are ineffective based on the signal model. Using a widely accepted assumption that dominant scatterers in an interesting area are sparse or compressible, an imaging algorithm based on the compressed sensing is proposed and investigated. This method obtains its high range resolution by transmitting and compressing chirp pulse signal, and improves its azimuth resolution by utilizing the compressed sensing technique. The effectiveness of the proposed method is illustrated and analyzed with simulations data.

X. Wen, G. Kuang, J. Hu, R. Zhan, and J. Zhang, "Forward-Looking Imaging of Scanning Phased Array Radar Based on the Compressed Sensing," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 143, 575-604, 2013.

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