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By A. Robichaud, M. Boudreault, and D. Deslandes

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This paper presents an analytical method to calculate the scattering parameters of a wireless power transmission link composed of electrically small single loop resonators. The proposed method takes into account all the different couplings in the structure. First, the method is presented and used to find the S-parameters for links composed of circular and rectangular resonators. The model is then used to find the optimal topology for a given transmission distance. Validation of the model is done by comparing its results with experimental measurements. Based on this model, a software used for the design of wireless power transmission links has been developed and is presented. Finally, demonstrations that this model produces excellent results are provided. At resonant frequency, an accuracy better than 2% is reached.

A. Robichaud, M. Boudreault, and D. Deslandes, "Theoretical Analysis of Resonant Wireless Power Transmission Links Composed of Electrically Small Loops," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 143, 485-501, 2013.

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