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By W. Zhao, J. Xiao, and H.-B. Qin

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For the GSOLT calibration algorithm of n-port vector network analyzers (VNA), the sensitivity coefficients for the S-parameters of the n-port device under test (DUT) are developed as functions of the S-parameter deviations of SOLT standards. By introducing the generalized flow graph of the 3n-term error model, analytic formulas for the S-parameter deviations of the n-port DUT with respect to the error terms have been deduced. In addition, expressions for the deviations of the error terms in regard to the nonideal calibration elements are given by a series of matrix operations. Finally, the analytic expressions of the sensitivity coefficients are concluded, which can be used for establishing the type-B uncertainty budget for S-parameter measurements.

W. Zhao, J. Xiao, and H.-B. Qin, "Influence of Solt Calibration Standards on Multiport VNA S-Parameter Measurements," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 144, 303-318, 2014.

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