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By I. Ben Trad, J.-M. Floch, H. Rmili, L. Laadhar, and M. Drissi

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A Planar elliptic broadband antenna with reconfigurable dual stop-bands performance was successfully designed and performedfor multi-standard wireless communication systems. The proposed antenna consists of a broadband micro-strip fed printed monopole operating in the frequency range 0.75-6 GHz. The notch-band characteristic was obtained by printing two Open Loop Resonators (OLRs) on the front side of the substrate close to the micro-strip feed-line. By adjusting the OLRs parameters, mono or dual band-rejection can be obtained. The passive broadband antenna was optimized to achieve narrow band rejection over the UMTS-band (around 2.1 GHz) and the WiMAX-band (around 3.5 GHz). The agility was produced by loading a varactor diode on each OLR. The major advantages of this structure are the high selectivity of the dismissed-bands, continuous reconfiguration and wide tuning range of the notched bands. Four prototypes were realized and experimentally characterized. The measured tuning rangescorresponding to the notched bands are about 850 MHz (2.25-3.1 GHz) for the rejected UMTS-bandand 570 MHz (3.84-4.41 GHz) for the WiMAX-band. Simulated and measured resultsare presented and discussed.

I. Ben Trad, J.-M. Floch, H. Rmili, L. Laadhar, and M. Drissi, "Planar Elliptic Broadband Antenna with Wide Range Reconfigurable Narrow Notched Bands for Multi-Standard Wireless Communication Devices," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 145, 69-80, 2014.

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