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By G. Mansour, M. J. Lancaster, P. S. Hall, P. Gardner, and E. Nugoolcharoenlap

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Design, simulation, and measurement of a compact filtering microstrip antenna is presented. A coupled line, two hairpin resonators, and a rectangular patch are integrated to form the filtering antenna. The elements together function as a third order bandpass filter with Chebyshev equal ripple response of 0.043 dB at midband frequency of 2.0 GHz. The rectangular patch acts not only as a radiating element, but also as the last resonator of the bandpass filter. The proposed filtering antenna exhibits good out-of-band gain suppression, flat in-band gain response, good selectivity at the band edges, and well-shaped radiation pattern.

G. Mansour, M. J. Lancaster, P. S. Hall, P. Gardner, and E. Nugoolcharoenlap, "Design of Filtering Microstrip Antenna Using Filter Synthesis Approach," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 145, 59-67, 2014.

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