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Push-Pull Phenomenon of a Dielectric Particle in a Rectangular Waveguide

By Nayan Kumar Paul and Brandon A. Kemp
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 151, 73-81, 2015


The electromagnetic force acting on a Rayleigh particle placed in a rectangular waveguide is studied. The particle is excited using the lowest order TE10 mode. It is determined that the particle is laterally trapped at the high intensity region of the electric field and either pushed away from or pulled toward the light source. This push-pull phenomenon depends on whether the frequency of the light wave is above or below the cutoff frequency (i.e. the particle can be pushed or pulled by tuning the frequency). While conventional optical tweezers rely on a balance of scattering and gradient force in the propagation direction, the phenomenon predicted here switches between the two forces near the lowest cutoff in a waveguide.


Nayan Kumar Paul and Brandon A. Kemp, "Push-Pull Phenomenon of a Dielectric Particle in a Rectangular Waveguide," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 151, 73-81, 2015.


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