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A Circularly-Polarized Metasurfaced Dipole Antenna with Wide Axial-Ratio Beamwidth and RCS Reduction Functions

By Chen Chen, Zhuo Li, Liangliang Liu, Jia Xu, Pingping Ning, Bingzheng Xu, Xinlei Chen, and Chang Qing Gu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 154, 79-85, 2015


A new circularly-polarized metasurfaced dipole antenna (MSDA) with wide axial-ratio(AR) beamwidth and radar cross section (RCS) reduction properties is proposed and studied in this paper. This antenna is a quite simple half-wavelength linear dipole right above a metasurface which consists of 9 double-head arrow-shaped unit cells arranged in a 3×3 layout. By cautiously choosing the geometrical parameters of the metasurface and tuning the distance between the dipole and the metasurface, the whole structure turns out to be a circularly-polarized antenna with RCS reduction feature. Simulation results show that the MSDA in circular polarization achieves an operating bandwidth of 410 MHz and a wide AR beamwidth of 123˚ and 90˚ in φ = 0˚ and φ = 90˚ planes respectively, together with a maximum RCS reduction of 10.4 dB in the whole operating band.


Chen Chen, Zhuo Li, Liangliang Liu, Jia Xu, Pingping Ning, Bingzheng Xu, Xinlei Chen, and Chang Qing Gu, "A Circularly-Polarized Metasurfaced Dipole Antenna with Wide Axial-Ratio Beamwidth and RCS Reduction Functions," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 154, 79-85, 2015.


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