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By B. Rautio, V. I. Okhmatovski, and J. K. Lee

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While considerable progress has been made in the realm of speed-enhanced electromagnetic (EM) solvers, these fast solvers generally achieve their results through methods that introduce additional error components by way of geometric type approximations, sparse-matrix type approximations, multilevel type decomposition of interactions, and assumptions regarding the stochastic nature of EM problems. This work introduces the O(N logN) Uni ed-FFT grid totalizing (UFFT-GT) method, a derivative of method of moments (MoM), which achieves fast analysis with minimal to zero reduction in accuracy relative to direct MoM solution. The method uniquely combines FFT-enhanced Matrix Fill Operations (MFO) that are calculated to machine precision with FFT-enhanced Matrix Solve Operations (MSO) that are also calculated to machine precision, for an expedient solution that does not compromise accuracy.

B. Rautio, V. I. Okhmatovski, and J. K. Lee, "The Unifed-FFT Grid Totalizing Algorithm for Fast O(n Log n ) Method of Moments Electromagnetic Analysis with Accuracy to Machine Precision (Invited Paper)," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 154, 101-114, 2015.

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