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By H.-J. Seo and A. A. Kishk

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A wideband antenna is designed based on the concept of equivalent magnetic dipole and electric dipole combinations with excellent radiation characteristics. Single linear polarization design with two different excitations achieves good radiation symmetry and low cross-polarization. The dual-polarization case has a 67% bandwidth and isolation better than 30 dB. The present design and construction of the antenna provides simple solutions compared with similar antennas in the literature. This design avoids loading the antenna with dielectric in the active region. The agreement between measured and simulated results is excellent. The suggested antenna construction is very simple and solves many of the problems related to the practical excitation of this antenna.

H.-J. Seo and A. A. Kishk, "Wideband Magnetic-Electric Antenna with Linear Single or Dual Polarization," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 155, 53-61, 2016.

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