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Dual-Mode Hyperspectral Bio-Imager with a Conjugated Camera for Quick Object-Selection and Focusing

By Xinli Yao, Shuo Li, and Sailing He
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 168, 133-143, 2020


A dual-mode hyperspectral imager using field of view scanning needs no moving macro parts. It could work in dual-mode (macro imaging and micro imaging) and is equipped with a conjugated camera for quick object-selection and focusing. By adjusting the imaging lens and achieving the image clarity on the conjugated camera, we could find the correct location and focusing of the ROIs simultaneously instead of inefficiently checking the hyperspectral image after the whole scanning process. The whole system was applied to the study of spectral characteristics of blood oxygen in human hands and the microscopic identification of algae, showing a great potential of clinical and marine applications of our system.


Xinli Yao, Shuo Li, and Sailing He, "Dual-Mode Hyperspectral Bio-Imager with a Conjugated Camera for Quick Object-Selection and Focusing," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 168, 133-143, 2020.


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