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Vol. 01

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PIER Vol. 01, 359-417, 1989. doi:10.2528/PIER88050200

Radiative Transfer Theory for Active Remote Sensing of Two-Layer Random Medium

Robert Tong-Ik Shin and Jin Kong

PIER Vol. 01, 291-358, 1989. doi:10.2528/PIER88050100

Scattering from Randomly Perturbed Periodic and Quasiperiodic Surfaces

Robert Tong-Ik Shin and Jin Kong

PIER Vol. 01, 241-295, 1989. doi:10.2528/PIER88070100

Effective Propagation Constants in Media with Densely Distributed Dielectric Particles of Mutiple Sizes and Permittivities

Kung-Hau Ding and Leung Tsang

PIER Vol. 01, 175-240, 1989. doi:10.2528/PIER88060200

Synthesis of Optimum Microwave Antenna Applicators for Use in Treating Deep Localized Tumors

Carey Rappaport

PIER Vol. 01, 1-173, 1989. doi:10.2528/PIER88060100

Complex Resistivity of the Earth

James Richard Wait