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By F. G. Khodaei, J. Nourinia, and C. Ghobadi

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In this paper, an asymmetric U-slot patch antenna with low probe diameter is presented. It will be shown that reduction in probe diameter causes in reduction in bandwidth. One of the characteristics of this antenna is keeping the bandwidth in 30% in spite of reduction in antenna size and use of low probe diameter compared to antenna presented in [1]. The presented antenna in this paper has been fabricated by pcb technique and tested. The far-field results have also been presented based on simulation and measurement. Although the antenna has high cross polarisation level, in the case of using circular polarisation, the use of this antenna can be recommended because of its reduced size, high impedance bandwidth, high total gain in spite of having low size, and ease of fabrication.

Citation: (See works that cites this article)
F. G. Khodaei, J. Nourinia, and C. Ghobadi, "A Practical Miniaturized U-Slot Patch Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 3, 47-62, 2008.

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