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By S.-Q. Xiao, J. Chen, X.-F. Liu, and B.-Z. Wang

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Spatial focusing characteristics of time reversal (TR) electromagnetic waves are studied in this paper. Different antenna arrays are used as a TR mirror and their elements are arranged in one and two dimensions in the horizontal plane. The focused energy density around initial source location is investigated in non-line-ofsight (NLOS) and line-of-sight (LOS) cases, respectively. The results demonstrated that, roughly speaking, under the case of fixed space between two adjacent elements, the more the number of the array elements, the stronger the focused average energy density. However, in the case of fixed TR mirror array aperture, some abnormal phenomena are observed when additional elements are inset into the initial one.

Citation: (See works that cites this article)
S.-Q. Xiao, J. Chen, X.-F. Liu, and B.-Z. Wang, "Spatial Focusing Characteristics of Time Reversal UWB Pulse Transmission with Different Antenna Arrays," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 2, 223-232, 2008.

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