Progress In Electromagnetics Research B
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By P. Pouliguen, R. Hémon, C. Bourlier, J.-F. Damiens, and J. Saillard

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Radar Cross Section is most of the time defined in far field. In that case, RCS is totally independent of the range between the radar and the target. However, in several kinds of military scenario, it can be more realistic to deal with the target nearfield scattering characteristics. Using a relation to define near-field RCS, this communication proposes simple and approximated analytical formulas to express monostatic near-field RCS of perfectly conducting flat targets observed in normal incidence.

P. Pouliguen, R. Hémon, C. Bourlier, J.-F. Damiens, and J. Saillard, "Analytical Formulae for Radar Cross Section of Flat Plates in Near Field and Normal Incidence," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 9, 263-279, 2008.

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