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By A. Y. Svezhentsev and V. V. Kryzhanovskiy

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The patch shape influence on the radar cross section (RCS) of a cylindrical microstrip antenna (CMA) is discussed. The RCS of the CMA is evaluated from a plane wave scattering problem solution to a cylindrical microstrip antenna. The method of moments is employed in the spectral domain using sub-domain basis functions. It is shown that the patch shape has a pronounced effect such that new resonance modes appear at frequencies substantially shifted towards the low-frequency end compared to a cylindrical rectangular patch.

A. Y. Svezhentsev and V. V. Kryzhanovskiy, "Patch Shape Influence Upon Radar Cross Section of a Cylindrical Microstrip Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 15, 307-324, 2009.

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