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By M. Ayari, T. Aguili, and H. Baudrand

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In this paper, a novel version of the transverse wave approach (TWA) based on two-dimensional non-uniform fast Fourier mode transform (2D-NUFFMT) is presented and developed for full-wave analysis of RF integrated circuits (RFICs). An adaptive mesh refinement is applied in this advanced TWA process and CPU computation time is evaluated throughout 30 GHz patch antenna, application belonging to wireless systems. The TWA in its novel version is favorably compared with the conventional one in presence of AMT technique in the context of EM simulations. Another version of TWA is outlined to illustrate a computationally efficient way to handle an arbitrary mesh for RFICs analysis with high complexity problems.

M. Ayari, T. Aguili, and H. Baudrand, "New Version of Twa Using Two-Dimensional Non-Uniform Fast Fourier Mode Transform (2D-Nuffmt) for Full-Wave Investigation of Microwave Integrated Circuits," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 15, 375-400, 2009.

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