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By S.-N. Wang and N.-W. Chen

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A compact, ultra-broadband coplanar-waveguide (CPW) bandpass filter (BPF) is demonstrated. The proposed CPW-BPF is essentially designed by exploiting CPW short-stub and open-stub structures. Technically, the proposed filter comprises shunt short-stub and series open-stub structures that are connected in a cascade topology. The higher and lower cutoff frequencies are mainly related to the electrical length of the shunt short stub and the series open stub, respectively. In addition, the stopband rejection is enhanced through an incorporation of CPW bandstop structures. The proposed filter design is verified through experimental demonstration. The corresponding lumped equivalent and transmission-line equivalent circuits are provided for circuit design purpose. Compared with the classical CPW-BPFs, the proposed filter is of a relatively simple and compact configuration. The demonstrated CPW-BPF has about 110% 3-dB fractional bandwidth, sharp selectivity, and great stopband rejection.

S.-N. Wang and N.-W. Chen, "Compact, Ultra-Broadband Coplanar-Waveguide Bandpass Filter with Excellent Stopband Rejection," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 17, 15-28, 2009.

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