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By R. Bayderkhani and H. R. Hassani

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In this paper a linear series fed Yagi-like antenna array is introduced leading to an end-fire fan beam with low sidelobe level, SLL, high front to back ratio, F/B, and wide impedance bandwidth. The array can provide -29 dB SLL at centre frequency of 16.26 GHz, -20 dB SLL bandwidth of 7.5%, 23 dB F/B and 10.6% impedance bandwidth. Further improvement in SLL can be achieved by extending narrow strips from the finite ground plane of the antenna structure leading to some -32 dB SLL at centre frequency and a -20 dB SLL bandwidth of 8.7%. To verify the accuracy of the simulation results, both of the arrays are fabricated and tested. Finally, to show the applicability of the proposed design, the linear end-fire array of the above are stacked on top of each other and simulation results for a 2-D phased array are provided.

R. Bayderkhani and H. R. Hassani, "Wideband and Low Sidelobe Linear Series Fed Yagi-Like Antenna Array," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 17, 153-167, 2009.

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