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By S.-J. Lai, B.-Z. Wang, and Y. Duan

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In this paper, we propose a brief and general process to compute the eigenvalue of arbitrary waveguides using meshless method based on radial basis functions (MLM-RBF) interpolation. The main idea is that RBF basis functions are used in a point matching method to solve the Helmholtz equation only in Cartesian system. Two kinds of boundary conditions of waveguide problems are also anlyzed. To verify the e┬▒ciency and accuracy of the present method, three typical waveguide problems are analyzed. It is found that the results of various waveguides can be accurately determined by MLM-RBF.

S.-J. Lai, B.-Z. Wang, and Y. Duan, "Solving Helmholtz Equation by Meshless Radial Basis Functions Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 24, 351-367, 2010.

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