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By H. Mirzaei and J. Rashed-Mohassel

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A method of solving the scattering problem for general multilayer anisotropic structures composed of conventional materials and metamaterial is presented. The analysis is based on calculation of the hybrid matrix of layers by means of a recursive algorithm. The method does not have the complexity and instability problems of other methods and is reliable in all cases. The zero reflection from stratified structures of conventional materials and metamaterials has then been introduced Various aspects of such a structure from the viewpoints of frequency and incident angle are presented and a rule for zero reflection from anisotropic medium is addressed. An interesting special case of total transparency is observed.

H. Mirzaei and J. Rashed-Mohassel, "Zero Reflection from Anisotropic Metamaterial Stratified Structures," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 26, 321-334, 2010.

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