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By N. Kumar, U. Singh, A. Kumar, H. Khatun, T. P. Singh, and A. K. Sinha

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The complete design of 35 GHz, 200 kW gyrotron for various material processing and heating applications is presented in this article. The components of the device, such as Magnetron Injection Gun, interaction cavity, collector and RF window, are designed for the TE03 mode. Various in-house developed codes (GCOMS, MIGSYN and MIGANS) and commercially available codes (MAGIC, EGUN and CST-MS) are used for the design purpose. A thorough sensitivity analysis of the gyrotron components are also carried out. The designed device shows the capability to generate more than 200 kW of output power with more than 40% of efficiency.

N. Kumar, U. Singh, A. Kumar, H. Khatun, T. P. Singh, and A. K. Sinha, "Design of 35 GHz Gyrotron for Material Processing Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 27, 273-288, 2011.

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