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By Y. Boutora, R. Ibtiouen, S. Mezani, N. Takorabet, and A. Rezzoug

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We present a new accurate node's renumbering method for minimizing the profile of stiffness matrix arising in finite elements problems. This method is suitable for cylindrical structures like electrical rotating machines and is especially intended for movement consideration by the moving band method. The structure is divided into sectors classified in a special way. The nodes contained in each sector are classified according to their radius value in regressing order. We show that the performances of the method are better than the most popular ones proposed in the literature. Application for a permanent magnet synchronous machine is presented. Application for finite elements analysis of a permanent synchronous machine in motion is achieved.

Y. Boutora, R. Ibtiouen, S. Mezani, N. Takorabet, and A. Rezzoug, "A New Fast Method of Profile and Wavefront Reduction for Cylindrical Structures in Finite Elements Method Analysis," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 27, 349-363, 2011.

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