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By Q. Liu, S. Xing, X. Wang, J. Dong, and D. Dai

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After being modulated by a periodic signal, the pulse compression result of the modulated LFM (Linear Frequency Modulation) may have many isolated and sharp peaks. According to this phenomenon, we developed a strip-map SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) jammer which modulated both the SAR's fast and slow time LFMs with periodic waveforms. This kind of jamming can forge isolated and bright points in the SAR image, and may confuse the SAR's image processing. The structure of this kind of jammer is simple and easy to be designed comparing to that of a traditional jammer utilizing the coherent jamming. Also it only needs much lower transmitted power than a noise jammer. Finally, the jamming experiences were conducted by utilizing a railway SAR, and the SAR imaging results showed the effectiveness of this kind of jamming.

Q. Liu, S. Xing, X. Wang, J. Dong, and D. Dai, "A Strip-Map SAR Coherent Jammer Structure Utilizing Periodic Modulation Technology," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 28, 111-128, 2011.

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