Progress In Electromagnetics Research B
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By K. A. Michalski

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A rigorous and efficient spectral domain formalism is presented of a plane wave-excited subwavelength circular aperture in a planar perfectly conducting metallic screen of infinitesimal thickness, based on the Bethe-Bouwkamp quasi-static model. The formulation utilizes a transmission line analogue of the medium, which facilitates the inclusion of planar multilayered material samples, where the latter may exhibit uniaxial anisotropy. The transmitted field components are expressed in terms of one-dimensional Hankel transform integrals, which can be evaluated by efficient numerical procedures. Sample results are presented showing the intensity profiles and polarization states of transmitted light penetrating into a semiconductor layer.

K. A. Michalski, "Spectral Domain Analysis of a Circular Nano-Aperture Illuminating a Planar Layered Sample," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 28, 307-323, 2011.

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