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By H. Liu, B. Yao, L. Li, and X.-W. Shi

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A detailed analysis and design of thin planar absorbing structure using Jerusalem cross slot (JCS) is presented in this paper. Based on uniplanar compact high-impedance surface characteristics, the resistance loss material layer can be directly attached to the surface of JCS structure, thus absorbing electromagnetic waves effectively. The improved design is characterized by its wider bandwidth and adjustable range. The absorption frequency band can be flexibly adjusted by the slot parameters. The influences of various structure parameters of JCS, including incident wave polarization and variation of incident angles on the absorption properties, are analyzed to provide guidance on theoretical design for practical application. The loaded resistance can be adjusted to obtain the optimum absorbing performance. The validation and effectiveness of the proposed design are conducted by using X-band waveguide simulation and measurement.

H. Liu, B. Yao, L. Li, and X.-W. Shi, "Analysis and Design of Thin Planar Absorbing Structure Using Jerusalem Cross Slot," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 31, 261-281, 2011.

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