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By S. H. Crutcher and A. Osei

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An effective Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation for propagation is derived for optical dark and power law spatial solitons at the subwavelength with a surface plasmonic interaction. Starting with Maxwell's Nonlinear Equations a model is proposed for TM polarized type spatial solitons on a metal dielectric interface. Two separate systems are considered in which one metal dielectric interface has a dielectric Kerr medium that has self-defocusing and another similar interface which the dielectric Kerr medium that has self-focusing depending on the modulus of the electric field to some power law variable p. The beam dynamics are analytically studied for these nanowaveguides.

S. H. Crutcher and A. Osei, "Derivation of the Effective Nonlinear SchrÖDinger Equations for Dark and Power Law Spatial Plasmon-Polariton Solitons Using Nano Self-Focusing," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 29, 83-103, 2011.

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