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By R. Joseph and T. Fukusako

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Bandwidth enhancement technique of circularly polarized square slot antenna is presented in this paper. A square slot antenna with the components of L-probe separated could achieve an axial ratio (AR) bandwidth of 33.84%. Placing Stubs in the slot by studying the electric field behaviour could enhance the AR bandwidth by around 10%. Creating an L-shaped slot on the ground plane, where the electric field rotates in the desired clockwise direction, can further enhance the bandwidth by 7%. A < -10 dB S11 bandwidth of 46.15% and < 3 dB AR bandwidth of 50.35% could be achieved with the present design. Unidirectional patters are obtained by having a cavity at the wide slot of the antenna and shows a measured bandwidth of 41.79% in S11 and 44.97% in AR. Both antennas show a cross polarization discrimination of more than 15 dB on a wide azimuth range. The measured results well comply with the simulated results.

R. Joseph and T. Fukusako, "Bandwidth Enhancement of Circularly Polarized Square Slot Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 29, 233-250, 2011.

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