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By R. S. Aziz, M. A. S. Alkanhal, and A.-F. Sheta

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In this paper, new multiband fractal-like antennas are proposed. The proposed multiband antenna design is based on a methodology that utilizes the self transformation principle of fractal-like rectangular profiles to generate multiband operation. The proposed monopole-type antennas are built on a partial ground plane and fed through a microstrip feed line. The analytical design procedures are straightforward and can be applied to any practical antenna structure to operate at multiple preselected bands. The developed methodology has been used to design antennas operating at three, four, and five preselected practical bands. Numerical simulations are utilized to verify the simple design procedures of the proposed multiband antenna structures. The triple-band and the quad-band structures have been realized on FR4 substrate to prove the concept. Simulation and experimental results are in good agreement and demonstrate the performance of the design methodology and the proposed antenna structures.

R. S. Aziz, M. A. S. Alkanhal, and A.-F. Sheta, "Multiband Fractal-Like Antennas," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 29, 339-354, 2011.

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