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Mutual Conversion of Tm_mn and Te_mn Waves by Periodic and Aperiodic Waveguide Filters Composed of Dense Metal-Strip Gratings

By Vladimir Tuz, Segiy L. Prosvirnin, and Vadim Kazanskiy
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 30, 313-335, 2011


The mutual conversion of the TMmn and TEmn waves (m, n ≠ 0) in periodic and aperiodic (fractal-like) stratified waveguide structures composed of dense metal-strip gratings is studied. The stopbands and passbands conditions of Bloch waves, the reflection and transmission spectra of the periodic structure are examined versus the gratings parameters. Peculiarities of the wave localization, selfsimilarity and scalability of both reflected and transmitted spectra of the fractal-like structure are investigated. The appearance of additional peak multiplets in stopbands is revealed and a correlation of their properties with the parameter of grating filling is established.


Vladimir Tuz, Segiy L. Prosvirnin, and Vadim Kazanskiy, "Mutual Conversion of Tm_mn and Te_mn Waves by Periodic and Aperiodic Waveguide Filters Composed of Dense Metal-Strip Gratings," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 30, 313-335, 2011.


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