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By D. Elbaz and Z. Zalevsky

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We investigate a new mean of decreasing leakage and material loss from coaxial cables using different metallic shield and central conducting part geometries. The suggested model is composed of a central conductor surrounded by 40 metallic wires circularly disposed. The proposed cable is also a hybrid one allowing simultaneous transmission of optical as well as radio frequency (RF) signals. The fabrication techniques for the proposed cable are similar to the one applied in the realization of optical fibers. Besides the fact that the attenuation along the proposed cable is reduced, the most important result of this study is that the interference generated by this source on external cables is also lowered.

D. Elbaz and Z. Zalevsky, "Low-Leakage with Attenuated Material Loss Hybrid Coaxial Cable," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 32, 243-262, 2011.

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