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By A. A. Glazunov and J. Zhang

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This paper derives some optimum transmit and receive antenna coefficients in wireless multipath channels based on the spherical vector wave multimode expansion of the multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channel matrix. The derived antenna coefficients satisfy the following specific optimization criteria: (i) maximum MIMO mean effective link gain (link MEG) based on the multimode channel realizations or (ii) maximum MIMO link MEG based on the multimode correlation matrix or (iii) correlation minimization by diagonalization of the MIMO full-correlation matrix. It is shown that the proposed approach leads to matrix equations belonging to the nearest Kronecker product (NKP) problem family, which in general have no trivial solution. However, we show that exact solutions are provided to the posed NKP problems under the assumption of the Kronecker model for the MIMO full-correlation matrix. The results are illustrated by numerical examples. The proposed approach is a complement to existing antenna pattern analysis methods.

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