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By J. R. García, M. G. Granda, A. F. Gavela, S. J. A. Presa, M. R. Lastra, and S. F. Fernández

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The scattering properties of dielectric waveguides connected in cascade can be obtained by using the generalized scattering matrix concept, together with the generalized telegraphist equations formulism and the modal matching technique. This review aims to show the potential of periodic structures in dielectric waveguides in order to gain control of light in the design of microwave and photonic devices. The new inverted Π dielectric waveguide is presented. Numerical and experimental results of the complex scattering coefficients were obtained at microwave frequencies. At optical frequencies, results for planar waveguide photonic crystals are included and compared with the numerical values from commercial software. In all cases the agreement was excellent. Electromagnetic and photonic band gaps, photonic windows, optical switching, optical resonant microcavities as well as refractive index optical sensors can be achieved by means of dielectric waveguides in cascade.

J. R. García, M. G. Granda, A. F. Gavela, S. J. A. Presa, M. R. Lastra, and S. F. Fernández, "Electromagnetic Waves Scattering at Interfaces Between Dielectric Waveguides: a Review on Analysis and Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 37, 103-124, 2012.

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