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By S. Tahi, R. Ibtiouen, and M. Bounekhla

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The subject of this article is to optimize the design of synchronous reluctance machines with massive rotor and multi-flux barrier rotor. The optimization procedure, which aims to improve simultaneously the machines' torque and the power factor, uses the cyclic coordinate method coupled with the magnetostatic finite-element (FE) field solutions. The optimization results regarding these two types of machines, which provide the optimized rotor geometrical dimensions and the influence of the current angle, are discussed.

S. Tahi, R. Ibtiouen, and M. Bounekhla, "Design Optimization of Two Synchronous Reluctance Machine Structures with Maximized Torque and Power Factor," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 35, 369-387, 2011.

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