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By H. Barucq, R. Djellouli, and A.-G. Saint-Guirons

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We investigate analytically the asymptotic behavior of high-order spurious prolate spheroidal modes induced by a second-order local approximate DtN absorbing boundary condition (DtN2) when employed for solving high-frequency acoustic scattering problems. We prove that these reflected modes decay exponentially in the high frequency regime. This theoretical result demonstrates the great potential of the considered absorbing boundary condition for solving efficiently exterior high-frequency Helmholtz problems. In addition, this exponential decay proves the superiority of DtN2 over the widely used Bayliss-Gunsburger-Turkel absorbing boundary condition.

H. Barucq, R. Djellouli, and A.-G. Saint-Guirons, "Exponential Decay of High-Order Spurious Prolate Spheroidal Modes Induced by a Local Approximate Dtn Exterior Boundary Condition," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 37, 1-19, 2012.

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