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By M. Grande, G. Calo, V. Petruzzelli, and A. D'Orazio

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We detail the optimization of a nanobeam design and show how the fabrication imperfections can affect the optical performance of the device. Then we propose the design of a novel configuration of a photonic crystal nanobeam cavity consisting of a membrane structure obtained by sandwiching a layer of Flowable Oxide (FOx) between two layers of Silicon-Nitride (SiN). Finally, we demonstrate that the presence of a low refractive index layer does not impair the performance of the nanobeam cavity that still exhibits a Q factor and mode volume V of the order of 105 and 0.02 (λ/n)3<\sup>, respectively.

M. Grande, G. Calo, V. Petruzzelli, and A. D'Orazio, "High-Q Photonic Crystal Nanobeam Cavity Based on a Silicon Nitride Membrane Incorporating Fabrication Imperfections and a Low-Index Material Layer," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 37, 191-204, 2012.

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