Progress In Electromagnetics Research B
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By O. B. Vorobyev

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Electric permittivity and magnetic permeability of linear passive dispersive medium were defined using the circuit equation of an electrically small antenna (scatterer) with resonant and antiresonant properties. It was shown that the average macroscopic energy stored by the scatterers is proportional to frequency derivative of the input admittance of corresponding antenna. It was found that the average macroscopic energy density of electric and magnetic fields in dispersive lossy medium is a function of frequency derivatives of its effective constitutive parameters in accordance with Poynting's theorem in dispersive lossy medium clarified for this case in the paper.

O. B. Vorobyev, "Energy Density of Macroscopic Electric and Magnetic Fields in Dispersive Medium with Losses," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 40, 343-360, 2012.

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