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By B. C. Sarkar, C. Koley, A. K. Guin, and S. Sarkar

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The dynamics of the onset of oscillations in a wave guide cavity based Gunn Oscillator (GO) has been critically examined through numerical simulations and experimental studies.The transition of the GO from a non-oscillatory to an oscillatory state and the same in the reverse direction occurs at different critical values of the dc bias voltage applied to the GO. In presence of a weak RF field in GO cavity, oscillations with broad band continuous spectrum and multiple discrete line spectrum are observed at the GO output for different values of dc bias below the above mentioned critical values. Analysing the numerically obtained time series data, chaos quantifiers have been obtained to prove the occurrence of the chaotic oscillations in the GO. Experimental results and observations of numerical simulation show good qualitative agreement.

B. C. Sarkar, C. Koley, A. K. Guin, and S. Sarkar, "Some Numerical and Experimental Observations on the Growth of Oscillations in an X-Band Gunn Oscillator," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 40, 325-341, 2012.

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