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By H. F. Zhang, S. Liu, X.-K. Kong, B.-R. Bian, and X. Zhao

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In this paper, the properties of the omnidirectional photonic band gap (OBG) realized by one-dimensional (1D) Fibonacci quasi-periodic structure which is composed of superconductor and isotropic dielectric have been theoretically investigated by the transfer matrix method (TMM). From the numerical results, it has been shown that this OBG is insensitive to the incident angle and the polarization of electromagnetic wave (EM wave), and the frequency range and central frequency of OBG cease to change with increasing Fibonacci order, but vary with the ambient temperature of system, the thickness of the superconductor, and dielectric layer, respectively. The bandwidth of OBG can be notably enlarged with increasing the superconductor thickness. Moreover, the frequency range of OBG can be narrowed with increasing the thickness of dielectric layer and ambient temperature. The damping coefficient of superconductor layers has no effect on the frequency range of OBG under low-temperature conditions. It is shown that Fibonacci quasi-periodic 1D superconductor dielectric photonic crystals (SDPCs) have a superior feature in the enhancement frequency range of OBG. This kind of OBG has potential applications in filters, microcavities, and fibers, etc.

H. F. Zhang, S. Liu, X.-K. Kong, B.-R. Bian, and X. Zhao, "Properties of Omnidirectional Photonic Band Gaps in Fibonacci Quasi-Periodic One-Dimensional Superconductor Photonic Crystals," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 40, 415-431, 2012.

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