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By Y. Wen, N. de Beaucoudrey, J. Chauveau, and P. Pouliguen

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Ramp response technique in low frequency can be used for generating 3-dimensional images of radar targets (even stealthy or buried targets) so as to identify them. This technique uses the target profile function, which is defined as its transverse cross- sectional area versus distance along the observing direction. For mutually orthogonal observing views, reconstructed 3D images are quite accurate. However, in practice, due to the bias introduced from the response in shadow region and from limited non-orthogonal observing directions, reconstructions become distorted.To evaluate the quality of the reconstruction and to further identify objects from their reconstruction, we need to calculate profile functions of 3D reconstructed objects in arbitrary directions. Therefore, in this paper, we propose an algorithm meeting this needs.

Y. Wen, N. de Beaucoudrey, J. Chauveau, and P. Pouliguen, "Algorithm for Profile Function Calculation of 3D Objects: Application for Radar Target Identification in Low Frequency," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 50, 273-293, 2013.

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