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By J. A. M. Brandao Faria

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Time- and frequency-domain theory of multiwire magnetic transmission lines is presented for the first time. The familiar theory of electric multiconductor transmission lines (MTL) is based on the manipulation of two matrices, the longitudinal impedance and the transverse admittance. However, for magnetic MTLs, the key matrices are the transverse impedance and the longitudinal admittance. It is shown how the latter matrices are defined and how they should be used to determine the modal propagation constants and modal characteristic wave admittances that characterize the various travelling wave modes of magnetic MTLs. The theory is illustrated considering a three-wire system with three-fold symmetry. Simulation results, in the range 0.1 GHz to 10 GHz, are presented, showing that the magnetic MTL can exhibit superluminal phase velocity and zero attenuation dispersion.

J. A. M. Brandao Faria, "Formulation of Multiwire Magnetic Transmission-Line Theory," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 49, 177-195, 2013.

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